Apprentices from the UK training scheme

We seek to develop our employees’ potential and help them to progress through our Company.

We strive to treat employees fairly and with respect, and to provide a safe place for them to work. We seek to identify and develop their skills and talents, further improving the already high calibre of our workforce.

Our UK Taylor Wimpey Code of Conduct and Taylor Morrison’s Team Handbooks set out our approach to our employees as well as the standard of behaviour that we expect of them.

We are reviewing the implications of the UK Bribery Act 2010 in order to ensure that all employees are aware of its requirements and that we have adequate anti-corruption procedures in place as required by the Act.

We have a human rights policy and support the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have policies and processes in place to ensure equal opportunities and to cover issues such as grievance procedures and whistleblowing.

We aim to listen to our employees and communicate effectively with them. During 2010, we undertook a mini UK corporate culture survey ahead of a full employee survey that is scheduled to take place in 2011. The survey formed part of a larger analysis of what makes a good housebuilder, where Taylor Wimpey is now and what needs to be done to further improve our performance in a range of areas.

The corporate culture questionnaire asked respondents in seven of our UK business units to rank the importance they believe that Taylor Wimpey places on different aspects of our business. The survey identified key areas of strength for Taylor Wimpey, such as our focus on financial performance, customers, quality, and health and safety. It also identified a range of areas in which we can improve and we have developed a series of recommendations for the future.

In North America, Taylor Morrison will now undertake its employee survey every 18 months and the next survey will take place in 2011.

We keep employees informed about Company news and developments via emails and our Company intranets. We have formal processes in place for employee appraisals in the UK. In North America, we encourage our employees and Divisions to use our corporate intranet to post Facebook style messages about interesting initiatives and achievements.

During 2010 our human resources team visited every UK business unit and ran 66 roadshows to help employees understand a new pension plan that we introduced this year. More than 200 employees who had previously not been part of the company pension scheme joined up.

We continued to focus on the retention and development of our employees during 2010. All of our UK employees have a personal development plan and we are in the process of developing a coaching and mentoring system. We also introduced a performance management training course for all UK managers.

We introduced two new UK training programmes in 2010 that will further improve our succession planning. One is a high level leadership programme that we are running with Warwick University for our senior managers. The second, entitled The Circle, is a structured programme aimed at middle and senior managers that focuses on improving leadership skills. Participants attend a series of seven one-day training workshops over a series of months. Each module covers a key aspect of management and all of our managers have to complete this training before they can be promoted to director level.

We continue to operate an Associate Director career path that supports new appointees in their development for a concentrated 12 month period prior to appointment as a Regional Director. All managers and directors also receive performance management training.

We continue to support the UK construction industry’s Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). At the end of 2010, 98.6% of our workforce, including sub-contractors, were carded. CSCS was set up to improve quality, reduce accidents and to provide evidence of the occupational competence of workers.

In North America, our latest employee survey identified that our employees are extremely keen to find opportunities to develop themselves and their careers. The current economic situation means that our employees are working extremely hard and have little time for further structured training programmes. We therefore decided to develop a Career Journeys Programme that provides a growing set of strategies, tools and resources that our employees can access as and when they wish. It also encourages employees to team up with a colleague, co-worker or friend for reciprocal coaching.

During 2010 we delivered an average of 1.3 days of training per monthly UK employee and 2 days of training per North American employee.

During 2010, we continued to run a series of popular challenges for our North American employees. The Taylor Morrison Challenge ranks each of our Divisions on a series of 12 key metrics and encourages our Divisions to compete with one another to improve operational performance.

In addition, our Peak Performance programme is designed to help us develop and maintain a healthy and motivated workforce. The programme has four parts: champion for a cause, individual peak performance, social responsibility and volunteerism.

Champion for a cause encourages employees to form teams and take part in running races and other physical challenges, to raise money for charity. As part of the individual peak performance programme, we provide a Web site where employees can complete health assessments, find on-line training programmes and activities or contact our helpline to speak to a nurse about health concerns.

The social responsibility aspect of the programme involves corporate support for a charitable cause. We continued our support of the Special Olympics in 2010. The final aspect of Peak Performance encourages volunteerism by selecting a Volunteer of the Quarter who receives a cheque for their charity of choice.

We aim to provide 2.5 days of training per UK employee and 2 days of training per North American employee in 2011. We will also undertake employee surveys in the UK and in North America in 2011. We will further develop the new UK coaching and mentoring scheme and the North American Career Journeys Programme.

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Apprentices from the UK training scheme

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