2011 targets

Climate change Publish our first annual report of UK carbon emissions under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in July 2011 and publish the data in our 2011 CR Report.
Design Address how we can integrate Building for Life Standards into our approach to housebuilding in the UK.
Continue to work on and refine the new house type range as we start to build these homes across the UK.
Engaging with
local communities
Deliver our new learning and development training programme for UK employees on methods of effectively engaging with local communities.
Develop a best practice community engagement guide for internal use in the UK.
Customer care Continue to analyse the results of our consumer research project and use the insights from the research to develop action plans.
Undertake a training needs assessment to identify where we can further improve our sales and marketing training for UK employees.
Develop and implement an action plan based on our North American consumer research findings.
Focus on embedding new US documentation, such as Homeward Bound and the new contract and warranty documents.
Achieve a customer satisfaction level of 90% in North America.
Employees Provide 2.5 days of training per UK employee and 2 days of training per North American employee.
Undertake employee surveys in the UK and in North America.
Further develop the new UK coaching and mentoring scheme and the North American Career Journeys Programme.
Health, safety and environmental management Establish a system for measurement of UK soil waste to landfill with a view to gathering accurate data in 2012 and setting a reduction target in 2013.
Continue our collaborative work with WRAP on waste reduction.
Continue to work with our UK contractors on improving our and their safe systems of work and maintaining strict control over operations on site to help minimise HSE related incidents on site.
Address slips and trips in the UK and reduce our RIDDOR rate by 5%.
Reduce general construction waste removed from site by a further 5% in 2011.
Provide an average of 20 hours of HSE training for site operational staff and six hours for support staff such as office-based employees.
Reduce the number of major and reportable incidents that occur each year in North America.
100% of North American employees to complete their on-line health and safety training in full.
100% of relevant North American employees to complete their OSHA 10-hour training.
Supply chain management TWL will continue to work with WRAP on ways to reduce packaging waste and increase the use of reusable packaging.
Produce a Waste and Resources Strategy for our UK supply chain.
Work with our UK suppliers to identify specific packaging waste reduction projects, starting with our top 10 suppliers during 2011.
Reduce and optimise the number of our US home plans and customer options to increase build and supply chain efficiency.
Introduce our Lean Construction Process into West Florida.