Water use

We are committed to reducing water use on our sites and at our developments as well as improving the water efficiency of the homes we build. We use water-efficient fittings and appliances as standard and increasingly integrate other water saving features on our sites.

In the UK, our Campbell Park and Greenwich Millennium Village developments have rainwater harvesting systems for external landscaping. We have committed to specific water use targets at our Birling Grange development in Kent and around half the homes will also have a greywater system.

In addition, we provide water butts on a range of developments. Academy Central and Campbell Park incorporate green and brown roofs to provide a range of benefits including stormwater run-off and wildlife habitats. We also frequently use Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), for example at Cambourne.

A number of our North American Divisions use drought tolerant native plants, low water use drip irrigation systems or greywater systems. All of our Taylor Wimpey Spain developments in Mallorca are also required to have greywater re-use systems.

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