Planning for sustainability

In the UK, we use a planning application template on all developments to ensure that our planning applications are consistent and comprehensive. This template covers all social, environmental and economic aspects of planning from community consultation to flood risk assessments. This is used alongside a detailed internal guide to delivering sustainable development. We also produce sustainability statements for all new UK developments.

We have a strong track record in delivering communities that meet a range of sustainability criteria. Our Company has been appointed to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) Delivery Partner Panel in each of the three regions in which the panels operate. In order to achieve the necessary prequalification status, we had to provide details of our performance in terms of sustainability issues such as health and safety, equality and diversity, collaborative partnership, use of sustainable construction techniques, quality management and environmental policy.

We have a structured and comprehensive programme of training for our technical and design teams covering a wide range of issues including design and environmental design standards, flexibility and space standards.

During 2010 we also engaged with organisations such as CABE (the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) with regard to creating well designed, sustainable and people-friendly communities.

Colebrook Collection development in London’s Islington

Blending heritage with modern architecture

Images apartment development in Gants Hill, East London

Architectural award