Encouraging a greener lifestyle

Our sites often integrate a range of other sustainability features that encourage our customers to live in a more environmentally preferable way.

We often develop green transport plans for our UK sites, fund improvements to local public transport and provide cycle and footpaths or Home Zones that encourage walking and cycling. We have provided free bicycles, cycle storage and cycle washing points at Campbell Park and will introduce a car share scheme at Academy Central. Our homes at The Bridge in Dartford display live information about the local bus rapid transport system on a screen within the home and all homes are within 500 metres of a bus stop.

We encourage low carbon and sustainable travel in a range of ways at Grand Union Village (GUV). These include providing funding to increase the frequency of a local bus service, appointing a travel plan co-ordinator for the Village and providing web-based travel information about getting around by public transport, bicycle and on foot. We also encourage use of the GUV Car Club and are developing a parking management scheme. We undertake regular surveys to ensure we understand how residents choose to travel.

Our larger developments often integrate retail, health, education and leisure facilities that reduce our customers’ need to travel. Planning obligations require us to provide other facilities at certain developments, such as compost bins, water butts and rotary driers at our Drayton View development in Northamptonshire. We also teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society expert Alex Denman in 2010 to provide tips for our homeowners on how to grow their own vegetables.

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