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We focus on continually improving our standards of customer care and our customer experience.

One key area for the UK in 2010 was ensuring compliance with the Consumer Code. All relevant employees, including Board members, attended a detailed one day briefing session. We also set up an induction programme for new employees and are monitoring compliance with the Code.

We also undertook a major UK research project in 2010 to better understand the opinions and motivations of our buyers and prospects. We interviewed, surveyed or ran focus groups with over 3,600 individuals and looked in detail at a wide range of issues. The results of the research will inform our practices from recruitment and training to customer communication about sustainability issues.

We also completed a large scale survey of recent homebuyers and prospective customers in all of our North American markets. We will use the research findings to develop and implement an action plan in 2011.

During 2010 Taylor Morrison developed Homeward Bound, a comprehensive guide to purchasing one of our homes. The document provides explanatory text on every step of the home buying and home building process from sales and financing to closing and warranties. Each guide is personalised for the individual customer on their first visit to the community. We also standardised our Customer Sales Contract and Warranty and Maintenance Guidelines to ensure best practice throughout the US.

Future plans

In the UK we will continue to analyse the results of our consumer research project and will use the insights from the research to develop action plans. We will also undertake a training needs assessment to identify where we can further improve our sales and marketing training for employees.

During 2011, Taylor Morrison will develop and implement an action plan based on our consumer research findings. We will also focus on embedding the new documentation, such as Homeward Bound and the new contract and warranty documents. Finally, we aim to achieve a customer satisfaction level of 90% in 2011.

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Pete Redfern, Group Chief Executive

I am delighted to introduce our fourth Corporate Responsibility Report as Taylor Wimpey plc. We continue to maintain our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability issues. We believe that corporate responsibility is an important aspect of long term business success and is crucial for risk and opportunity management.

A key consideration in our overall UK strategy going forward will be the coalition Government’s Localism Bill. We welcome the Government’s intention to reform the planning system and we also believe that the underlying principle of ensuring that planning decisions involve the local people, who will benefit from them, is the right one. In response to this, we are currently developing a series of initiatives to support the delivery of our community focused approach. These will be rolled out through 2011 and will be perfected through a process of learning and continuous improvement. We aim to be a responsible community developer and are particularly proud of awards received in 2010 for community engagement and training programmes at our Raploch development in Stirling, Scotland.

Also in 2010, we introduced a comprehensive UK Waste and Resources Strategy and Action Plan. We expect this strategy to help us achieve significant cost savings and environmental benefits from improved resource use.

During 2010, we continued to maintain our extremely high standards of health, safety and environmental management and published energy and climate change data for the first time. We are committed to reporting annually on our progress in all aspects of corporate responsibility and I welcome feedback on our corporate responsibility practices.


Pete Redfern
Group Chief Executive

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