Building energy efficient homes

The homes that we built in 2010 are significantly more energy efficient than older housing stock. In North America, a new Taylor Morrison home is around 20% more energy efficient than a similar home built 10 years previously. We have built a green model home at our Avelar Creek community in West Florida and are tracking utility costs there in order to understand the potential savings for customers.

In the UK, we have calculated that a current Taylor Wimpey home would require around one fifth of the energy needed to heat the same type of home built to 1930s building standards, a quarter of the energy needed to heat a 1970s home and a third of the energy necessary for heating a 1980s home.

This is one reason for our support of the concept of ‘allowable solutions’ for achieving zero carbon housing. This would permit housebuilders to achieve a particular level of carbon reduction on site and then tackle the Government’s remaining carbon emissions reduction requirements in other ways. Replacing old boilers, adding insulation or providing double glazed windows in older homes, for example, would significantly reduce carbon emissions at a fraction of the cost of further increasing the energy efficiency of new housing stock.

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