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At Grand Union Village we have transformed a 54-acre former brownfield site in Northolt, West London into a thriving community set in 20 acres of open space alongside the Grand Union Canal. We have built over 900 new homes to date and there are also shops, a restaurant, crèche, medical centre, police station and community facilities.

Following the original in-depth public planning consultations, the idea of a Community Development Trust emerged as an effective way for the community to have an ongoing role in the development of the Village.

Taylor Wimpey is represented on the Trust’s elected Board, which has a formal constitution and meets quarterly. The Trust manages 550m2 of community space and oversees the implementation of the Green Travel Plan. The community facilities are used by residents, community groups, training providers, financial advisers and a wide range of groups who run clubs and classes for the community. There are facilities for young children, teenagers and adults. Regular seasonal events, such as the annual Village Fayre, are popular with residents and the wider neighbourhood. The Trust also has its own web site and regular newsletter.

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Engaging with local communities

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